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Graduate Employment and Summer Clerkship Program Guidelines overview

The Law Society of New South Wales coordinators the Graduate Employment and Summer Clerkship Programs for the benefit of students and legal practices. The Graduate Employment Program is aimed at students in their final year of study, and the Summer Clerkship Program is aimed at students in their penultimate (or second-last) year of study.

Both programs are governed by the Legal Graduate Employment & Summer Clerkship Guidelines, which are a set of rules for how the recruitment process for graduates and summer clerks is to take place. This means that law practices have an even playing field to hire their preferred students, and students have comfort in the knowledge that they have the time to make informed decisions.

What are the benefits, for my law practice to participate in the programs?

• A structured process for legal graduate employment recruitment to allow students to simultaneously consider offers received and select a firm or organisation most appropriate to their needs

• You get to control how students make contact with your firm and you can specify who inquiries are to be directed to, and the precise method by which you want to receive applications (including what additional documents you require!). 

• By registering for the programs, you increase exposure of your practice to law students, broadening their expectations of what a legal career might look like.

• The opportunity to assess candidates during a summer clerkship for possible future recruitment as graduates.

• The opportunity to participate in the Working Group, which is where the participating law schools and law practices come together annually to review the programs, recommend improvements and set the key dates for the following year.

How do I register to participate?

Review the Graduate Employment & Summer Clerkship Guidelines and Review Statement to get an idea of how the process works, and the key dates for each program.

Email info@legalvitae.com.au for more details.

2018 Key Program Dates

Graduate Program 

  • Monday 5 March - Applications for graduate positions open.
  • Sunday 15 April - Applications for graduate positions close at 5:00pm.
  • Monday 7 May - Interviews for graduate positions commence.
  • Friday 8 June - Offers for graduate positions can be made.
  • Monday 18 June - Offers for graduate positions must be accepted or declined by 5.00pm.

Summer Clerkship Program

  • Monday 18 June - Applications for summer clerkships open.
  • Sunday 15 July - Applications for summer clerkships close at 5:00pm.
  • Wednesday 26 September - Offers for summer clerkships can be made.
  • Friday 28 September - Offers for summer clerkships must be accepted or declined by 5.00pm.