Please note that due to the many changes brought on by the spread of COVID-19, the dates for the Graduate Program have been amended to the following: Monday 13 July - Interviews for graduate positions commence; Friday 14 August - Offers for graduate positions can be made; Friday 21 August - Offers for graduate positions must be accepted or declined by 5:00pm.



Law Internship Program

CareerDC coordinates internship programs by connecting students with host organisations all over Australia. Form and create the career that suits the future you dream of! With an internship it is possible to gain training and professional work experience within the community scientific areas with legal content.

About Law

Law students are dealing with the forensics of law, which is the science of the laws and the legal order that applies. A law student has an insight into how laws in are made and how they are used in Australia. A legal internship can provide the student with practical knowledge and work experience that can benefit them in their future endeavours. It is important the internships support the university curriculum but also the students personal ambitions. Law interns can take on responsibilities in roles within:

Law and justice 

  • Torts
  • Principles of Public law
  • Contract law
  • Administrative law
  • Criminal law
  • Equity and trust
  • Federal constitutional
  • Court process evidence and proof 
  • Law in the Global context

Want to try to develop competences and try out the theoretical skills in practice? With an internship it is possible to gain more professional techniques within the field of law. As a Law student, CareerDC can provide valuable internships in horticulture that provides good future career opportunities in Australia.